Our Mission:

DelCampo Grayson Lopez LLC is a firm of trial lawyers whose careers and reputations are distinguished by integrity, excellence, and compassion. We are trial lawyers who represent individuals in civil lawsuits that have suffered preventable injury, negligence, employment discrimination, or wrongful death. At DelCampo Grayson Lopez LLC, we have assembled an ethnically diverse team of men and women to pursue justice for individuals and families who have been harmed by the negligence of others. Our commitment to quality legal representation, and to unparalleled client satisfaction, are the forces that guide us every day.

Trial Excellence:

DelCampo Grayson Lopez LLC is dedicated to trial excellence. All of our lawyers are skilled, experienced and persuasive courtroom advocates with years of trial experience. We have the knowledge, resources, and ability to turn our clients’ legal claims into substantial monetary settlements and jury verdicts. Our gifted trial lawyers have handled numerous seven and eight figure personal injury lawsuits throughout Georgia, including automobile negligence, medical malpractice, products liability, premises liability, breach of contract disputes, and employment discrimination cases.

Client Satisfaction:

The number of satisfied clients who have been made whole by the tireless efforts of our committed trial lawyers has grown rapidly since our formation in May 2013. The reason is simple: Our consistent ability to deliver extraordinary service and results. We are dedicated to serving our clients’ needs with excellence and compassion. We care, and it shows in the quality of our service, results, and relationships.