Most medical providers seek to provide good care for their patients. Sometimes, however, medical providers commit medical errors which can cause substantial injuries and damages. Medical malpractice is when a doctor or another medical professional – like a nurse or technician – does something or fails to do something that causes an injury or some harm to the patient. The mistake or omission can happen at any time during medical treatment. For example, your doctor may make a mistake diagnosing your illness, or he/she may not give you the proper treatment or medication for that illness. The key here is the standard of care. This is the generally accepted method or methods used by other medical professionals in the area to treat or care for patients under the same or similar circumstances.

If you can prove your doctor didn’t follow or “breached” the standard of care for your particular medical problem, then the first step in proving a medical malpractice case has been established. Importantly, Georgia law requires that a patient have the testimony of at least one expert witness in the same area of specialty to show that the medical provider fell below the standard of care. However, it’s not enough that your doctor made some sort of mistake. Before a lawsuit can be filed, the individual must show that the mistake caused damage or further harm.

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